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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Akkalkot Pincode / Post Office Search (SOLAPUR, Maharashtra)

Akkalkot S.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Ankalge B.O 413219AkkalkotMaharashtra
Babalad B.O 413220AkkalkotMaharashtra
Badole BK B.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra
Barhanpur B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Basalegaon B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Bhurikavathe B.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra
Borgaon B.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra
Boroti B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Chapalgaon S.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Chikkehalli B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Chungi B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Dahitne B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Dombarjawalge B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Dudhani S.O 413220AkkalkotMaharashtra
Gaudgaon B.O 413227AkkalkotMaharashtra
Gholasgaon B.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra
Gogaon B.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra
Haidra B.O 413227AkkalkotMaharashtra
Hanjagi B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Hannur B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Hatti Kanabus B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Kadabgaon B.O 413227AkkalkotMaharashtra
Kajikanabus B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Kini B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Korsegaon B.O 413219AkkalkotMaharashtra
Kurnoor B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Maindargi S.O 413217AkkalkotMaharashtra
Mangrul B.O 413219AkkalkotMaharashtra
Mhaisalge B.O 413219AkkalkotMaharashtra
Motyal B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Mugali B.O 413220AkkalkotMaharashtra
Mundewadi B.O 413219AkkalkotMaharashtra
Nagansur S.O 413227AkkalkotMaharashtra
Nagore B.O 413217AkkalkotMaharashtra
Navindgi B.O 413227AkkalkotMaharashtra
Pitapur B.O 413226AkkalkotMaharashtra
Ruddewadi B.O 413220AkkalkotMaharashtra
Safale B.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra
Salgar B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Sangvi Budruk B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Satan Dudhani B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Shaval B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Shirwal B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Sinnur B.O 413220AkkalkotMaharashtra
Tadwal (Hotagi) B.O 413219AkkalkotMaharashtra
Tolnur B.O 413227AkkalkotMaharashtra
Torni B.O 413217AkkalkotMaharashtra
Udagi B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Umarge B.O 413216AkkalkotMaharashtra
Wagadari S.O 413218AkkalkotMaharashtra